We help you restore your classic paintball gun back to its glory days.


You guys blew me away with not only your courteous customer service, but your overall quality of work!

- Kyle
Markers received on or before Oct 17th 2023.

"...its a "BEAST! I am so impressed and have never in my 13 years of playing paintball have ever seen an angel shoot this fast. It shoots without skipping a beat."

- Jorge F

"One hell of a gun you built... The gun performs as well as it looks."

- Karl


Our customers and their gear are our number one priority. We treat everyone with the highest degree of care and respect. When we work on your marker it's like we're working on our very own equipment.

Don't take it from us, though. Read what our incredible customers are saying.

our most popular Services

These are our most requested services.


Make It Live $149

Bring your favorite marker back to life, tuned and working like it should.


Predator PRO $299

Our premium Angel service with upgrades and improvements.


Predator ULTRA $499

The name says it all. Take your Angel to elite levels of performance.


So, how does this work?

Want to understand what happens with your marker when you work with The Angel Guy? You got it!


Your marker, your way.

We get it. These markers are classics. It's your baby. That's why we treat it with the absolute best care. We're card-carrying members with our own equipment too. So, we'll handle your marker just like it was our own.


Place an order through our secure online store. You'll then receiving an email with your order confirmation and shipping information. Mail your marker to us at your earliest convenience.


As soon as we receive your marker it's kept in our secure workshop and the work begins. We'll disassemble, assess the condition, and keep you informed on any surprises we may find along the way. We never work on anything that hasn't already been approved by you.


After thorough inspection and testing we carefully package your marker for worry-free shipping. You'll receive it within a few days. If you're not satisfied with our craftsmanship give us a call and we'll do our best to make it right!

Who is The Angel Guy?

We're not ones to talk about ourselves, but here goes. TAG started simply by scratching our own itch. Like we said, we all own these amazingly built machines. So, we started servicing them and realized there was a huge need for work on classic markers. We wanted to help people experience what we experienced first hand: a vintage paintball marker that sings just like the day it was purchased, if not better!

You're in good hands

We have 20+ years combined history of servicing and upgrading markers.

we don't keep you in the dark

We want you to be totally comfortable sending your investment. We keep you posted on the work we're doing.

Feeling lost?

Diagnostic services

Are you not sure what work you marker needs? We can help with that. For a small fee we'll figure out exactly what work should be done and follow up with you on all the details.

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More Products & Services

Predator 2k5 & Alias Intimidator Eyes

These Predator Laser eyes are compatible with the following guns. Bob Long 2k5 and Alias Style Intimidators.

Angel Oring Kit

Angel Oring Kit

Predator Cheetah 10.2 Board

Angel IR3 Trigger Frame

IR3 Trigger Frame

Predator DM Eyes

Predator DM Eyes

Predator Marq Wire Harness

Predator Marq Wire Harness

Predator DM Battery Harness

Predator DM Battery Harness

Predator Eyes E-Blade Autococker

Replacement Eye for E-blade

Predator V4 Board Dye DM

Upgrade circuit board for the Dye DM4, DM5, & DMC paintball guns.

Predator -RED- Rebuildable Ram For Angel 1

The only rebuildable ram upgrade for the Angel A1 and A1 Fly paintball markers.

Predator 4.2 Board for Angel

Predator Board for Angel LCD, IR3, Speed, A4, G7 models

Predator Eyes Halo

Predator Halo Laser eyes make sure that your Halo hopper, or modified Reloader B will work the best it can, helping to prevent jams and only putting pressure/feeding when it really needs to. Why allow your high-end paintball gun to be reliant upon inferior Hopper eye systems?

Diagnostic Service

Not sure what's wrong with your gun? This diagnostic service is exactly what you need!

Predator ULTRA

This is a short description for the Make It BERSERK! service.

Predator PRO

This is a short description for the Make It BETTER service!

Make it LIVE

This is a short description for the Make It LIVE service!

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