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New Arrival

The Predator Electronics control board is design to allow you, the player, to control every aspect of the programming and design of each individual firing mode. This allows you to not only perfectly tune your guns performance but create a masterful firing system that is unique to you or your team. With over a dozen registers, the Predator 10.0 code can take your game to a completely different level. Considered by some to be the fastest code in the industry we took our famous 5.0 code and enhanced it even further with our newest 10.2 release. We are sure this version of our code has set a new standard that will have the other board manufacturers scrambling to copy its features.

Why allow your high-end paintball gun to be slowed down and unable to fine tune? Like most control boards on the market we give you a set of registers that can be modified and saved so they can be recalled the next time you turn the board on. We felt that with more players participating in several different types of playing styles and leagues we needed to increase our memory of saved settings. This means you can preset up to 6 separate register banks and recall them as needed for your various playing conditions. Not only is your firing mode programmable but EVERY register in our code.


-Fastest zero enhanced semi auto on the market. Never get disqualified with a Predator. Outstanding trigger algorithms. All you need to do is find the target and pull the trigger. We do all the rest faster than the speed of light.

-Simple programming through the trigger, no need to open the grip.

-The finest technical support and service in the business. Contact us by phone at 503-581-2211, or by email 7 days a week.

-Others may say it but we have the most advanced eye logic in the business. Not only can we see the paint but can determine how fast it is falling to pre-start a firing cycle to increase your speed. Our eyes remember what they see and use that info to adjust the code to its peak performance.

-Battery management circuit to get more shots per 9 volt.

-Fully adjustable maximum rate of fire with unlimited option on all of our 16 FULLY adjustable base firing modes. Legal in all tournament series.

-Ramp type and ramp speed activation is fully adjustable. Adjustable number of trigger pulls before ramping starts and ROF to keep ramping activated.

-Adjustable mechanical and electronic bounce. Adjustable Forced shot feature and Fully adjustable anti-bolt stick, eye delay, bolt delay and dwell.

-Special SNIPER mode for scenario players.

-Comprehensive programming guide.

Predator boards are not assembled overseas. We feel that the importance of the board in your paintball marker is far too high to be left up to chance. So we assemble every Predator Board in the United States. We use only the highest quality components, and each set of Predator Laser Eyes is hand tested by an authorized technician. Thus assuring the most reliable, finest quality eye systems on the planet!

This Predator Board is compatible with the following guns. Dye DM4, DM5, and DMC.

Don't trust your equipment with anything other than the best. Predator Electronic parts are simply the finest quality aftermarket accessories made. Proudly made in the USA

New Arrival