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New Arrival

The Marq wire harness is what really ties your high end Bob Long gun together and assures all of your state of the art components are functioning the best that they can without any electrical shorts.  

The Predator Electronic hand made replacement part makes sure you have perfect connections between your solenoid, eyes, and board.

Why allow your high-end paintball gun to be reliant upon inferior wiring harnesses?

The Predator Marq wire harness is not assembled overseas. Our wire harnesses are not made by under-qualified assembly line personnel. We feel that the importance of the wiring system in your paintball marker is far too high to be left up to chance. So we build every wire harness here in our shop in the United States. We use only the highest quality components, and each Predator Marq Harness is hand built by an authorized technician. Thus assuring the most reliable, finest quality conection systems on the planet!  

The difference is in the construction. Predator Marq Harness uses a stronger and thicker wire to assure good connectivity, and long lasting performance. All connections are made to be stronger, since these are the most common break points in wired systems.  

This wire harness is compatible with the following guns. MARQ 6, MARQ 7, RAPPER,  CLOSER, EDGE, DARQ MARQ AND RUSSIAN LEGION.

Don’t trust your equipment with anything other than the best. Predator Electronic parts are simply the finest quality aftermarket accessories made.

Proudly made in the USA

New Arrival