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Not sure what's wrong with your gun?

This diagnostic service is exactly what you need! Simply purchase this item and send in your gun (See instructions for shipping below). Upon receiving your gun, our experienced technicians will look it over in 48 hours or less and figure out exactly what will be needed to get your gun back up and running. We will then call to let you know what we've found.
Once we've diagnosed the issues, you will be given two options:

1. Continue with the repair. If you decide to continue with the repair, the full cost of the diagnostic service will be credited toward your final bill. (i.e. if we call to say that $50 of repairs are needed, and you decide to proceed, your final bill will be for $20.01. The $50 bill, less the $29.99 for the diagnostic)

2. Have us send your gun back. If you decide you would not like to continue with the repair, we will box up your gun and send it back. In this case, you do not owe us anything beyond the cost of the diagnostic service.
We created this service to be a low-risk way to find out what your gun needs and to decide, on your terms, whether or not to repair it.


Select your gun type from the drop down menu above, then add this service to your cart.

When you are ready to checkout, just click "Proceed to checkout" and follow the instructions on the screen.

Upon completion of checkout, you will be emailed a voucher to send in along with your gun. Detailed shipping instructions will be on that voucher.

The diagnostics will be performed within 48 hours of the time your gun arrives in our shop. If you proceed with the repair, turn-around time will vary with season, but ranges from 1 day to 2 weeks. Call us for current turn-around times.

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New Arrival