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New Arrival

Predator Laser Eyes are not assembled overseas. Predator Laser Eyes are not made by under-qualified assembly line personnel. We feel that the importance of the eye system in your paintball marker is far too high to be left up to chance. So we build every set of Laser Eyes here in our shop in the United States. We use only the highest quality components, and each set of Predator Laser Eyes is hand built by an authorized technician. Thus assuring the most reliable, finest quality eye systems on the planet!

The difference is in the construction. Predator Laser Eyes use a stronger and thicker wire to assure good connectivity, and long lasting performance. All connections are made to be stronger, since these are the most common break points in wired eye systems.

Why laser, you ask? Good question.

Technically the paintball industry is not using “Lasers” to determine the location of the paintball in the breach. Instead we use LED lights. LED’s are compact, lightweight, extremely reliable, and incredibly long lasting. We can then pick up both Infra-red, and visible light. This allows a more reliable eye reading even in the event of dirt or grease getting on the lens.

These Laser eyes are compatible with the following guns. Bob Long 2k5 2005 and Alias Style Intimidators. NOTE: The led color will only be visible while you are pulling the trigger on some 2k5 Boards, to use these eyes you must use the provided 3mm to 5mm spacers.

Even though Predator is all about performance…It doesn’t hurt to look good too. That’s why we also offer the Predator Laser Eyes in more colors than any other aftermarket company. Please check out our store for more color options to match your gun.

Don’t trust your equipment with anything other than the best. Predator Electronic parts are simply the finest quality aftermarket accessories made.

New Arrival