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New Arrival

The Predator Electronics Cheetah Board is designed to allow the maximum real-life speed in the iconic Halo B (And similar) hoppers. We say the maximum real-life speed because anybody can make a motor spin a little faster, but the real trick is translating that into actual paint-in-gun.

Ever wonder why hopper companies claim 20, 30, even 50+ Balls per second, yet once it's on your gun the loader never really seems to go that fast? Well, that's because a drop-test in a lab and real-life experience in a paintball game are 2 very different situations.

Now, please don't hear us wrong. The Cheetah board will smoke any other Halo configuration in a drop test, easily. We're just saying that that's not the most important part.

Here's the important features.

SMART Reverse - The Cheetah monitors the tension on the motor, and when it detects a jam, it automatically reverses the motor, unwinding the drive cone, clearing the jam, then reversing again to feed the paint. All within less than a second.

2 Modes - High tension, and low tension. To work with any type of gun, including those with a single detent or soft detents.

Munti-color LED - Just like on our Predator boards for your gun, this LED is bright and easy to read so that you can clearly see what mode you are in and what the loader is doing.  

Calibration mode - Once you install your Cheetah and turn it on for the first time, there is a brief calibration setup with will make your Cheetah and your Halo work perfectly together forevermore!

Don't trust your equipment with anything other than the best. Predator Electronic parts are simply the finest quality aftermarket accessories made.

Proudly made in the USA

New Arrival